Thinking Outside the Regular Audience for Restaurant Marketing

In offering this recommended reading, I?m not suggesting you should copy the promotional ideas, especially if it?s not right for your establishment. For example, a fine dining establishment probably isn?t going to an outstanding increase in sales if it ties into football!

Rather, I?m suggesting you read this article as inspiration. I don?t know about you, but when I think IHOP, I don?t think football. Yet, the company has signed up as the NFL?s official ?full-service restaurant partner.? Their marketing team looked at a not-so-obvious opportunity and decided the demographics lined up correctly, the message could be made clear and the tie-in could work. They saw an opporutnity to expand their reach and increase their sales with this promotion.

In addition, the NFL looked at ways they can extend their brand, the excitement for the game and the teams. They?re looking for ways to increase their customer participation and sales as well.

Do you have your targeted demographics outlined? If not, start there. Who do you appeal to? Who do you want to draw to your restaurant? What would your ideal customer do for a living? Where would they live and how much do they make? What are these people interested in? What will bring them into your restaurant?

Involve your team in a brainstorm session, looking for all the different subjects, themes and media where you could create a special promotion that appeals to your targeted demographics. Look to the chains as inspiration, but look in your own backyard and what you know about your neighborhood.


By Jenny Brooks

Read this?article?for some fall promotional inspiration from the Big Chains.

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